Thank you so much for your time!

Would you be willing to participate in a confidential, one-on-one, personal interview with Karen Schulman Dupuis, the researcher behind this survey?

Image courtesy of  @wadeaustinellis

Image courtesy of @wadeaustinellis

If so, please CLICK HERE to send an email to indicate your interest. In response, you’ll receive an invitation to connect at a place and time that’s convenient for you.

The interview isn’t a requirement; it’s totally voluntary. The interviews may be held at a library, park, or quiet coffee shop, and may take from 30 minutes to one hour.

By sharing your story, the hope is that it will inform a new way forward for other women, and ignite a positive and purposeful system-wide response from community organizations in Hamilton that support women and their economic empowerment.

And if you’re not interested in participating in an interview, please accept my gratitude for giving of your time to support my research and hopefully generate positive change for our communities. Your words are a gift.

If you know of another woman that might be willing to participate in this research, please send her this link:

In gratitude, and in service,

Karen Schulman Dupuis